Not what I had in mind

So I created this account a year ago to begin posting ideas about my final project for my master’s degree but I feel like that is so far away now. In all reality it is only a year and a half, but so much has come my way in the last month I can’t fathom what will happen before then.

This blog will now serve as a means to document my family’s journey through cancer.

My husband discovered he has an inoperable brain tumor when I was three months pregnant, the day before we found out we were going to have a little girl.

That was May 2012.

Five weeks of radiation completed throughout September and into October to be wrapped up the day before our daughter, Addison, was born. We thought Evan would be done with treatment weeks before Addi was born and the worst would be behind us.

To say the last two months of my pregnancy were difficult would be an understatement. I had to be induced three weeks early due to a complication. I knew Evan wouldn’t be done with treatment so I transferred hospitals last minute, well the week before induction began, to ensure he would be there.

Now, 21 months later and we have a beautiful, healthy daughter and a new brain growth…

Two weeks ago Evan had surgery. His new mass developed in an operable area where a neurosurgeon successfully removed a decent amount of new tumor. Not all of it, but a lot.

Tomorrow we will get the details about his new growth and his next step: chemotherapy.

We are 26.

This is our journey.


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