Some information gained from today’s limited amount of research is about to come your way.  It is limited because I have a one and a half year old daughter, projectile vomiting husband and stressed out mother-in-law. 

I was able to make a few phone calls for information on sperm banking.  My sister did some research and found this place that isn’t too far away: Duke Fertility Center.  It seems like a sample is $287 and it’s $200 per year to store it.  Patients starting chemotherapy are given appointments within two days of requesting one.  That is hopeful since Evan’s doctors want him to start chemo as soon as possible, which is one month after his surgery…which is August 10th.  So I am hopeful that it won’t take long to get this process going, but it will go no where without the funds.  I also made a call to Fertility Hope but it seems that their spokespeople are out for training.  Nonetheless, voicemail left and contact will occur within one business day.  My last call was UNC Fertility where we had been recommended to go since Ev is already a patient with UNC.  I am being emailed information and will get back to you. 

Also, wanted to throw out this website that I think is pretty great and will explore more later.  I have been thinking a lot about medical marijuana.  I am personally not a smoker, but I can’t help and think what if strains with high concentrates of CBD could help with Evan’s tumors.  I don’t want something to happen to him and wonder what if we would have moved and tried more things than “just” chemo.  Leafly allows users to input multiple symptoms or conditions and find strains designed to help them specifically.  Something to explore for those of you out there that are interested in natural help for illnesses. 

It’s time for an ophthalmology appointment.  I will surely investigate more while we wait…and I suggest you do the same. 


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