Accidental Activist

I’ve always wanted to be an activist.  When I was younger I imagined chaining myself up to trees, in college I could see myself joining PETA or advocating to stop the slaughter of dolphins…or the inhumane treatment of circus animals (I could go on with my ideas)…now that I am the wife of a cancer patient in a southern state I have begun to really explore my true activist calling: medical marijuana.  I just can’t get over the stigma that comes with the word marijuana.  Sure, there are those who use this plant to get high, but there are true medicinal benefits.  Specific strains are created and cultivated to aid certain symptoms.  This medicine certainly has more use than a recreational high.

Imagine seeing your significant other in pain, defeated, depressed and overwhelmed.  Then, seeing your child running up to him to try to hug him but he is too weak to even pick her up.  Your partner tries to distance themselves because they don’t want to snap at you or feel guilty because you are going through this too.  One thing can help all of that.  Yes, the pain is there, but it’s manageable.  The anxiety and depression: gone, at least temporarily.  Their mood becomes uplifted and they can close their eyes without worrying about pills or chemo or the future.  Because in that moment everything is easier. 

Inspired by Killing Cancer TedTalk


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