Shunt surgery

To clarify a shunt, at least in Evan’s case, is inserted to move fluid from one area, the brain, into another. Basically the brain is locked in a finite amount of space. When there is pressure something has to give. Blood from vessels or fluid. This is normally put back in the bloodstream but sometimes there is too much going on for that to happen.
So the shunt will have a valve on it. When the pressure in Evan’s brain gets to a certain level the fluid will be transported along the shunt. It is inserted behind the ear and down into the abdomen cavity.
He should experience immediate relief and his vision will improve. If Evan don’t have this shunt inserted he could face permanent damage and loss of his vision. If they treated the swelling with medicine there would be no guarantee a shunt wouldn’t be implanted later and we could lose time on starting chemo. It seems as though Ev will still be able to start chemo on August 10th barring infection from surgery.
Evan will have surgery tomorrow. He checks in at 10. The process will be about ninety minutes. ICU won’t be necessary this time and most patient are able to go home the next day. There is a lot to process before his surgery, but there is some good that comes with it.


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