Take charge

Advocate for your loved ones. If they are sick or in pain, help them. Talk to doctors and nurses on their behalf. Case and point- we are an add-on for surgery today, that means Ev doesn’t have a scheduled surgery time because he was added last minute. We were asked to get to the hospital at 10 and then they put us in the waiting room. Evan is visibly ill, unable to hold anything down, and in pain (no offense babe, but you are looking a little rough-understandably). So people are coughing, playing videos on their phones, talking and what not; they are waiting. Evan looks like he is about to throw up so I promptly return to the nurses station and inform them about his condition and how he could use some IV zofran and IV fluids. Now, I know that’s a risky move. No one likes to be told what needs to happen, but I also can’t sit by when I know what can help. I have to advocate for my husband’s care. Luckily the nurses were sympathetic and could see in his chart that zofran is a prescription he gets at home. They agree with my line of thinking that IV would be best and move him into an open room and get fluids and IV meds started while we wait…at least he is more comfortable.


2 thoughts on “Take charge

  1. Sharon Robinson says:

    Kari, good for you. As caregivers, we have to speak up and speak out for our loved ones. Know that we are thinking and praying for your family.

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