We’ve got the late night munchies…

I just got to see Evan for the first time since surgery. We had to wait until 3 for surgery. His surgery was about three hours, maybe a bit more before I got to speak with the surgeon.
Everything went as well as they could. We all know Evan is a unique case and this is no exception. It is rare to have hydrocephalus when a tumor is present but not blocking fluid movement. The surgeon can’t explain why this developed, but he believes it was necessary.
Nonetheless, Evan is feeling some relief behind his eyes already because there is no active pressure there. His vision has already improved a little and he is in good spirits. We just ordered off the late night menu and should be munching down by 11:15. He has pain around the two incision sights-one on the back right of his skull and one in his abdomen. He just left for an x-Ray to verify the shunt is in the proper place and working. If all goes well we will be out of here tomorrow.
What this means for chemo: Evan was scheduled to begin chemo on August 10th. Typically surgery would push it back, but the doctors don’t want to wait too long so if everything is healing well he should be able to start on the original date. He will have to come back before the start date to verify all of this of course, but it seems on track still.
I must say it touches my heart to have so many people out there supporting us through this and sending their good vibes and sharing our story. I want Addi to read this one day and see how tough her Mom and Dad are and how many people out there care and can be compassionate. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



One thought on “We’ve got the late night munchies…

  1. deanna says:

    Kari maybe your lot in life is not teacher but activist. a real person working towards a goal to help others. You are most certainly well spoken and convincing in your beliefs and ideas. You get your fire to protect and take care of the ones you care for from your mama. Love you!!

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