Home sweet home

Evan was cleared to come home today. It is typical for a shunt patient to be released the next day. He was in pain but since everything checked out well after his surgery he felt like he could get more comfort from home. My sister and brother-in-law came up for the surgery and came home with us for the weekend. It’s been great seeing how much better Evan already seems to be feeling. He has been joking and smiling and laughing today. Addi has been all over him when she doesn’t have Aunt Misty or Uncle Jeff in tow. She is loving all the extra attention. Thank you to everyone that has been looking to see what is going on and asking and thinking of us. Hopefully this weekend will be one filled with memories and relaxation! Evan’s birthday is on Wednesday. We were contemplating sky diving…Something we will definitely do this year, but maybe not next week!


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