Fundraising has never been my forte.  Typically raising money for school activities entailed close family members buying leftover boxes of candy or donuts to ensure that I contributed to my high school experience in some way.  I remember in middle school my mom put together a huge basket of Ty beanie babies (back when those were still the best thing) for my Young Astronauts club to raffle off tickets.  Of course I can’t remember the goal of the fundraiser or the amount raised. 

Now I have a very purposeful goal.  It is difficult for me to go back to teaching high school while my husband begins his chemo treatments, and childcare in NC would take over half of my paycheck and that is no exaggeration.  The goal of this continuous fundraiser is to :

  • ensure my husband can receive his medications
  • the bills stay paid
  • and if Evan can have some amazing experiences….well I couldn’t think of anything better. 

My sister did a lot of research for us and found the best platform with the least amount of fees was YouCaring.  There is only one fee, which covers the Paypal charge of 2.7% per donation.  We can upload photos, videos and updates as well as link to Twitter and Facebook.  We can adjust how often we receive the donations and change it immediately in order to adjust for medication and travel expenses as they come at us.  If you have the time please visit our family’s fundraiser page and share our story with others.