In situations such as this you must remain positive.  It is not just a matter of slapping on a smile, but you must indeed stay strong by truly enjoying the simple things.  Evan and I met November 4th, 2009.  I interviewed him when I was managing a theatre in Washington.  It was my first round of hiring and the former HR manager assisted during the interview process, and it was a good thing he did or I would have passed on Evan.  Not that I didn’t like him, Ev was just very candid and I didn’t know if he would be a good match, boy was I wrong.  He was perfect.  He was a great worker that helped out everywhere.  Our first real conversation was over the spelling of his last name.  One of the managers had spelled his last name wrong in the system so it showed up wrong on the terminals.  He claimed his grandpa had established Myrtle Beach, which I immediately called BS on since I grew up 45 minutes from there.  I bring this up because the fundraiser that was created to help during this time of need originally had our last name spelled wrong.  It made me smile and share this story with my sister, and now you. 

Any day where my family spends time together is treasured so much more than it once was.  I hope that when you read about our story you hug the ones you love tighter and appreciate them being in your life that much more, because you never know when something could happen.  Evan’s tumors are so random and unpredictable.  This wasn’t caused because of anything he did.  It just happened.  That is a difficult pill to swallow.  If you have people in your life that you are wasting time on, get them out!  You should try to be happy.  Everyday.  If you aren’t, do what you can to change your situation.  Don’t give up on that thought.  There is no point in putting off happiness.  You never know when there will be something to mess up the plans you have a week from now or a year from now.  Don’t wait.