F U Chemo?

Headed to Chapel Hill tomorrow for a follow-up appointment from Evan’s shunt surgery.  The appointments aren’t until Monday, but we are hitting them early so staying the night before at the SECU family house is just the ticket.  There’s a lot on my mind, mostly questions, since Evan will begin chemotherapy this week.  We will be meeting with a slew of doctors, but also a social worker in the cancer center.  She will be able to provide some info on what is available through the American Cancer Center.

Not much to really say at this moment…I am just trying to do some research.  It can be overwhelming because there is a lot of information out there.  There is no “right” treatment which is the problem.  There are survivor stories that detail their juicing techniques or their vitamin supplements or their FU to chemo and ingesting hemp oil.  What is the right thing?  What will help my husband?  I think just taking a deep breath and remembering that there are doctors that are helping and I should let them do their job.  I am going to invest in curcumin and a juicer as well as ask Evan’s doctors about the recently passed law allowing CBD oil for medical use.  Anything else I should consider?